New Year, New Closet

I love a new year. It’s crisp and clean like a freshly pressed shirt! Personally, I’m not big on making resolutions, but I am big on purging; cleaning out closets and making disorganized spaces feel Zen again! As a professional stylist, I help clients edit and assess their wardrobes year-round. My goal for each client is clothing that empowers and gives them confidence. Everything fits, looks flattering, and they know exactly how to wear it. Every item in their closet is either useful or beautiful! Sound good? Here are some of my top tips to get your closet headed in the right direction.

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  1. Try to set aside about 2-3 hours for this process. It’s likely you’ll have piles of clothes on your bed as you sort through things. Allow plenty of time to put everything away properly, so you don’t end up sleeping on a heap of old bridesmaid dresses! Plan to make three piles; Keep, Let Go, and Not Sure.

  2. Separate your seasons. Pull out any items that are off-season -- lightweight fabrics, sundresses, etc. Put these items in the back of your closet or in another closet all together. You can evaluate pieces all at once, or wait until that season arrives. I prefer to wait; it’s less overwhelming to do this seasonally.

  3. Remove any “activity” clothes. These might be work out clothes or items for hobbies or sports activities. Give these their own space. Now you should be left with things that are in season and you could potentially be wearing everyday. Time for the tough questions!

  4. Is it ripped, stained, pilled, faded or just generally tired? It may be a great item, but if it’s not in good condition, it’s time to retire and replace!

  5. Is it dated? The pattern, type of fabric, even color of a garment can make it feel dated and frumpy. This step can be a slippery slope and helpful to have a stylish friend or (cough, cough) professional help.😉

  6. Does it fit? Just about every woman I know keeps a pair of “skinny” and “fat” jeans in her closet for those times when life takes over and we end up with an unexpected number on the scale. That’s perfectly normal! But if something doesn’t fit you CURRENTLY, put it elsewhere. It’s not serving you in this moment.

  7. Does it fit your current lifestyle? If you used to be a banker, and now you’re running a catering business from home, donate those suits! If you are finished growing your family, let go of those maternity jeans! I don’t care how comfortable they are!

  8. Is it a sentimental favorite? It’s natural to associate wonderful memories with a garment, but if it’s not something you wear and love, then find it a special drawer or a place to hang away from your everyday garments.

  9. Limit distractions in your closet by changing your hangers. I love the skinny velvet ones. Their skinny profile allows for more space and clothes won’t slip off!

There’s a good chance after evaluating your piles that you’re still going to have misgivings and questions. Put the questionable items in a separate closet or storage. Once they’re out of sight, see if you think about them. If you miss it, bring it back (unless it’s really bad?)! A lot of times you’ll be ready to let it go after more time has passed.

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