STYLE. It is more than flashing trends of a moment. True style is a living commentary of one’s unique perspective on the world.


Don’t you notice when you look good you feel good? When you’re having a good hair day, or getting compliments on your new shoes that you walk a little taller? Smile a little more? Looking good without second guessing yourself instills confidence, and confidence creates the magnetism to get what we really want. Life becomes a little smoother, a little sweeter, and a lot more fun!


Hello There!

I believe that our personal style can be transformative. Beauty does not have to be the social construct that magazines and TV have led us to believe. True style is a powerful expression of who we are and who we aspire to be. I can’t think of an easier way to express ourselves than through our appearance. A leather jacket becomes our protective armor, our red, patent stilettos become an invitation, our favorite jeans are like a smile from an old friend. Let’s transform your wardrobe and discover your true style together!

With a background in theatre and fashion, Amanda has worked as a visual, production, and personal wardrobe stylist for over 15 years. A native of Louisville, KY, she moved from Chicago to Nashville in 2009.



There is so much to sort through when evaluating one’s personal style. Fashion mags and ads scream what you MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW! (And that will change next issue.) How often does that fit within our budget? How often does that work with our body type? The fabrics, the colors, the styles, the prices, the constant fluctuating demands of your own life; a new job, new baby, a once in a lifetime event, weight loss, weight gain…it’s EXHAUSTING! 

That’s where I come in. I love this. Yes, ALL of it! I love shopping and clothes and the art and science of it all! If Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life, then imagine what the right wardrobe can do!I say, begin where you are and let your beauty and confidence begin to change the world around you. It’s my job to help you find, explore, and enhance that magnificent goddess that is already there within in you…and then find her the perfect pair of boots.


transform your wardrobe, transform your confidence