The only way art lives is through the experience of the observer. The reality of art begins with the eyes of the beholder, through imagination, invention and confrontation.
— Keith Haring

What do you see?

     Although my life is full of a multitude of creative pursuits, I never set out to be an artist. I began painting as a hobby and over time the work I was doing took on a life of its own; finding its way to galleries, clients, and shows all over the world. It's offered me a secondary career of sorts.  Therefore I don’t feel obligated to over intellectualize or conceptualize my work, lest it become pretentious and exhausting.

     I create paintings that incorporate both tactile and visual elements that lead the viewer to discover their own conclusions about what may or may not be conventionally beautiful. My pieces are a mixed media combination of acrylic paint, various mediums, and finished in a high gloss industrial polymer.

     I paint from a wide variety of inspiration, and delight finding it in unexpected places and objects. I'm particularly drawn to places where there is collision of industry and nature; glamour and organic simplicity. I like to physically feel objects to explore their color and texture…peeling paint and rust on an abandoned viaduct, layers of ads and playbills on a wall forgotten by time and left to the elements. Lichen and moss covered stones, a rainbow prism in a puddle skimmed with gasoline, sunsets on glass buildings. Perhaps most consistently, I’m inspired by my greatest muse of fashion. Especially the work of the artistic genius Alexander McQueen and his successor Sarah Burton.

     Many artists of all kinds will tell you they are simply a vessel, a tool, to be used by a higher energy, and that too is how I feel when I paint. I believe the energy that I tap into when I paint, is the same energy that bonds us all together. That energy changes and expresses itself in different ways, and hence we all connect differently to it. That’s why some people love still life’s of fruit, others find pleasure in charcoal nudes, or some are enthused by more politically charged pieces. I believe all art has its place and its companion audience.

     I’m interested about what my audience perceives from my work. Although I create each piece with a certain intention, or inspiration, nothing is more gratifying than to hear what it has encouraged someone else to discover. This is a symbiotic relationship and you are a part of the process.

      So, what do you see?


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